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Dates have been annouced for INDIACom-2022. Accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore subject to meeting IEEE Xplore’s scope and quality requirements

Procedural Guidelines

Dear user / author,

Welcome to INDIACom. In order to submit a paper through this website, you would need to follow a simple 3-step procedure listed below.

Step 1 : Get Membership - Getting membership to our site is the first step.  You need to sign up using the Get Membership link. This allots you a unique Member ID which helps the website to recognize you. And it is Free! Please skip this step if you are already a member.
    Your e-mail account, provided by you in the membership form is considered as registered e-mail ID by us, and the same would be used by us for further communication with you. To begin with, your Member ID and Password would be mailed to you. Please mail us, using your registered mail ID, at conference@bvicam.ac.in in case you don't receive this e-mail.

Kindly Note that you do not need to re-register in case you had registered online as a member for any of the prior events like INDIACom, NSC, BIJIT etc.

Step 2 : Log in - In order to submit a paper you need to log in to the web account using your Member ID and Password. You can do this by clicking here.

Step 3 : Submit the paper - You can now submit your paper using the Submit Paper link. Please note that all your co-authors must be members of this website and while submitting the paper you would need to provide their member IDs. When you submit a paper, a Unique Paper ID is allotted to it. Please use this ID for any queries regarding the paper, in future.

We also wish to inform you that plagiarised papers will not be accepted for INDIACom-2020. The INDIACom team will be checking plagiarism level of all the submitted papers for ensuring the originality of content using Turnitin. Hence, you are advised in your own interest, to use a tool like Turnitin, iThenticate, Viper, PlagScan etc. to check the plagiarism level of your manuscripts before submission. The originality report generated by the tool, may also be submitted at the time of paper submission.

Kindly note that we would carry out direct correspondence with only one author per paper (we name it as Corresponding Author). Thus, if your paper is co-authored by multiple members, all our e-mails would be sent to the e-mail account of the author nominated by you, as Corresponding Author. While submitting the paper, you can designate one of your co-authors to be responsible for correspondence by selecting his / her ID as the Correspondence ID. To begin with, a confirmation email along with the paper ID would be sent to him / her. Please mail us using your registered e-mail ID, at conference@bvicam.ac.in in case you don't receive this e-mail.

You can always refer to our FAQs page which might be able to answer any further queries or contact us using the correspondence details available here.

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