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Presentation Schedule Version 6.0 dated 13-03-2018

Dear Author, The Presentation Schedule Version 6.0 dated 13-03-2018, after accommodating all the changes, as requested by the authors, is available hereunder. Please note that the Certificate of the Registered Authors shall be prepared, in advance, based upon the details (Paper Title and the Author Name) available in this Presentation Schedule. For any other detail, please contact the respective Track Incharges, details of which is available at http://bvicam.ac.in/indiacom/Conference%20Secretariate.asp. It is informed that the Authors will get the Certificate soon after the completion of the session, in the Session itself, after which, if emergency demands, the author can go back. Attending all the three days of the Conference is desirable, but not a Mandatory Condition. Authors are requested to kindly check the details and plan their travel accordingly. Further, it may please be noted that only those papers, which shall be presented, in person, during the conference, shall be submitted to IEEE Xplore for publication and Indexing. Hence, Presentation of the paper, in person, during the Conference, is a Mandatory Condition. Further all the authors are informed to mandatorily visit to the Paper Proof and Correction Zone in Room No. C-102, C-Block, Proof Read his/her paper, so as to ensure that there are no corrections left, as the same version of the Paper shall be submitted to IEEE Xplore. While doing this, please note that, in order to avoid the subsequent issue of plagiarism, Any External Medium, Internet Connection, replacement of old Paper with new Paper, etc. shall not be allowed. Authors will be allowed to make corrections in the existing version of the Paper only, available with us. If the author fails to visit the Paper Proof and Correction Zone and do not make corrections, the responsibility of the errors will lie with the authors only. To ensure this, proper attendance of the authors visiting the Paper Proof and Correction Zone shall be maintained.
Presentation Schedule Version 6.0 dated 13-03-2018.pdf
Posted On: 13-3-2018
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