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New Paper Submission is Closed. Thank you very much for overwhelming response.

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New Paper Submission, for INDIACom-2019, has been closed

Dear Author(s), Thank you very much for overwhelming response by submitting huge number of papers for INDIACom-2019 by its last date, which was 31.10.2018. Now, New Paper submission has been closed. However, authors who have already submitted a partially complete Paper / Abstract and have generated Paper ID (PID) can submit their Revised/Final Paper upto 20th November, 2018, after the review status is updated. For more details, please contact the respective Track Incharges, details of which are available under Conference Secretariat page at http://bvicam.ac.in/indiacom/Conference%20Secretariate.asp.
Notice dated 01-11-2018 for Closure of New Paper Submission for INDIACom-2019.pdf
Posted On: 1-11-2018
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