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Presentation Schedule Version 5.0 dated 12-03-2019

Dear Author, The detailed Presentation Schedule Version 5.0 dated 12-03-2019, after accommodating all the changes, as requested by the authors, is available hereunder. Please note that the Certificate of the Registered Authors shall be prepared, in advance, based upon the details (Paper Title and the Author Name) available in this Presentation Schedule. For any other detail, please contact the respective Track Incharges, details of which is available at http://bvicam.ac.in/indiacom/Conference%20Secretariate.asp. Further, it may please be noted that only those papers, which shall be presented, in person, during the conference, shall be submitted to IEEE Xplore for publication and Indexing. Hence, Presentation of the paper, in person, during the Conference, is a Mandatory Condition.
Presentation Schedule Version 5.0 dated 12-03-2019.pdf
Posted On: 12-3-2019
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