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Bharati Vidyapeeth, New Delhi
Bharati Vidyapeeth, Delhi

19th INDIACom; 12th 2025 International Conference on
Computing for Sustainable Global Development
02nd-04th April , 2025

Technically Sponsored by

IEEE Delhi Section
Supported and Promoted by:
IEEE Delhi Section    IETE    IITP    IMP    CSI    ISTE    GGSIPU
Last date to submit paper for INDIACom-2025 is 09th December, 2024. Accepted Papers, after presentation, will be submitted to IEEE Xplore for Publication.

INDIACom-2007 to INDIACom-2023

Since its inception in the year 2007, INDIACom has aimed at developing a strategic plan for balanced growth of  nations' economy through IT in critical areas like e-Governance, e-Commerce, Disaster Management, GIS, Nano-Technology, Intellectual Property Rights, AI and Expert Systems, Networking, Software Engineering and other emerging Technologies.

The mega events, INDIACom-2007 to INDIACom-2023, received overwhelming response from participants all over the world as over 3000 papers based on different aspects of computing for Nation Development were received in the last edition of INDIACom. The event spans over three days with five parallel tracks of paper presentations covering various aspects of IT and their implementation to catalyze overall growth and development process. The audience got a glimpse of limitless avenues as the participants poured in their virgin concepts of harnessing the power of computation to the tip of tooth. The Proceedings having ISSN & ISBN serials was released during the conference.

During the last sixteen editions of INDIAComs (from INDIACom-2007 to INDIACom-2023), over 700 Keynote and Invited Speakers were invited. Some of them are:-

Dr. Junichiro Mori,
The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (JAPAN)

Dr. Eissa J. Alreshidi,
University of Hail, Hail, Saudi Arabia(KSA)

Dr. Abdullah M. Basahel,
King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Prof. Milos Stojmenovic,
Singidunum University, Belgrade (SERBIA)

Prof. Mohammad Yamin,
Australian National University, Canberra (AUSTRALIA)

Dr. Mohammad Alsaig,
King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Dr. Yasser Ades,
Greenwhich University (LONDON)

Dr. Hadi Hedayati,
Dy. Minister, Ministry of Communications & IT, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (AFGHANISTAN)

Prof. Tom Gedeon,
Australian National University, Canberra (AUSTRALIA)

Dr. Shingo Yamaguchi,
Yamaguchi University (JAPAN)

Dr. Zhaolong Gou,
Yamaguchi University (JAPAN)

Prof. P. Mateti,
Wright State University (USA)

Prof. G. S. Hura,
University of Maryland (USA)

Dr. Girija Chetty,
University of Canberra (AUSTRALIA)

Dr. Sreedhar Acharya Nallan,
Edith Cowan University, Perth (AUSTRALIA)

Prof. B. S. Chowdhry,
Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro, Sindh (PAKISTAN)

Dr. Daniel Petrisor,
Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi, Iasi (ROMANIA)

Prof. Aimé Lay-Ekuakille,
Univ. of Salento (ITALY)

Prof. Ashok Aggarwala,
University of Maryland (USA)

Dr. Georgios Tsaramirsis,
Australian National University, Canberra (AUSTRALIA)

Muhammad Yousuf Irfan Zia,
University of Malaga, Malaga (SPAIN)

Dr. Charalampos Apostolopoulos,
University of Strathclyde Business, Glasgow (UK)

Dr. Ioannia Karamitsos,
University of Strathclyde Business, Glasgow (UK)

Dr. Pablo Otero,
Australian National University, Canberra (AUSTRALIA)

Dil Muhammad Akbar Hussain,
Aalborg University (DENMARK)

Dr. Rajendra Pratap Gupta,
Co-Chair, Innovation Working Group, Asia

Mr. Stefanus Botes,
Minister Counsellor Economics, South Africa High Commission, New Delhi (INDIA)

Prof. B. K. Panigrahi,
IIT Delhi, Delhi (INDIA)

Dr. Satwant Kaur,
CTO, HP innovations Lab. (USA)

Dr. B.K. Murthy,
DG, CDAC, New Delhi (INDIA)

Mr. Jeetan Singh,
High Point Learning, Atlanta (USA)

Prof. K. Subramanian,
IEEE, Delhi Section (INDIA)

Prof. Vijay K. Vaishnavi,
IEEE Life Fellow, Georgia State University (USA)

Prof. Om Vikas,
Former Director, IIITM, Gwalior (INDIA)

Dr. Nurul Fadly Bin Habidin,
University of Pendidikan Sultan Idris (MALAYSIA)

Prof. Kishor Trivedi,
Duke University (USA)

Dr. Javier Poncela,
University of Malaga (SPAIN)

Prof. B. N. Mishra,
Chairman, Board of Governors, Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology (NSIT), New Delhi (INDIA)

Mr. Rajat M. Nag,
Former Managing Director General, Asian Development Bank, Manila, (Philippines)

Prof. Subramaniam Ganesan,
Oakland University, Rochester (USA)

Prof. S. Balasundaram,
JNU, New Delhi (INDIA)

Prof. J. C. Kapur,
IIPA, New Delhi (INDIA)

Dr. Mohammad Fahim,
Harvard University, Boston (USA)

Prof. Mohamed Hamada,
The University of Aizu, Aizu (JAPAN)

Prof. R. K. Shevgaonkar,
Director, IIT Delhi, New Delhi (INDIA)

Prof. D. K. Bandyopadhayay,
Vice Chancellor, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU), New Delhi (INDIA)

Prof. S. V. Raghavan,
Scientific Secretary, Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Govt. of India and President, Computer Society of India, New Delhi (INDIA)

Prof. D. P. Aggarwal,
Chairman, Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), New Delhi (INDIA)

Prof Shiban K. Kaul,
Centre for Applied Research in Electronics (CARE), IIT Delhi (INDIA)

Prof. A. Q. Ansari,
Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi (INDIA)

Mr. Suramya Tomar,
VP, Goldman Sachs, Bangalore (INDIA)

Mr. Daman Dev Sood,

Col. Prashant Choudhary,
CISCO, Chandigarh (INDIA)

Mr. Ashish Banati,
Director, STQC, MC&IT, New Delhi (INDIA)

Mr. Vikas Sharma,
CEO, Sunworks, Gurgaon (INDIA)

Shri Muktesh Chander,
IPS, Jt. Commissioner, Delhi Police (INDIA)

Mr. Alok Vijayant,
Director, NTRO, Govt. of India, New Delhi (INDIA)

Dr. B. L. Mungekar,
Member, Planning Commission, Govt. of India, New Delhi (INDIA)

Prof. K. K. Aggarwal,
Vice Chancellor, GGSIP University, New Delhi (INDIA)

Prof. Sunder Lal,
Vice Chancellor, Purvanchal University, Jaunpur (INDIA)

Shri Rakesh Tandon,
MD, IRCTC and Member, Railway Board, New Delhi (INDIA)

Dr. Ashoke Ghosh,
President, Delivery Services, GrapeCity India, Noida (INDIA)

Prof. Nupur Prakash,
Vice Chancellor, Indira Gandhi Delhi Technological University for Women, Delhi (INDIA)

Prof. Yogesh Singh,
Vice Chancellor, M. S. University, Baroda (INDIA)

Dr. N. Vijayaditya,
Chief Certifying Authority, NIC, MC&IT, Govt. of India, New Delhi (INDIA)

Dr. B. K. Gairola,
Director General, NIC, MC&IT, Govt. of India, New Delhi (INDIA)

Prof. Subhash Bhatnagar,
IIM Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad (INDIA)

Mr. Wajahat Habibullah,
Chief Information Commissioner, IAS, Govt. of India, New Delhi (INDIA)

Dr. Mahesh Chandra,
Dy. Director General, NIC, MC & IT, Govt. of India, New Delhi (INDIA)

Mr. Prakash Kumar, IAS           
Jt. Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India, New Delhi (INDIA)

Prof. B. V. R. Reddy,
Dean, USET, GGSIP University, New Delhi (INDIA)

Dr. Gautam Bose,
Dy. Director General, NIC, MC & IT, Govt. of India, New Delhi (INDIA)

Mr. A. K. Bhargava
GM (IT), MTNL, New Delhi (INDIA)

Mr. M. Moni,
Director General, NIC, MC & IT, Govt. of India, New Delhi (INDIA)

Prof. R. K. Mittal,
Vice Chancellor, Teerthankar Mahaveer University (TMU), Moradabad (INDIA)

Maj. Gen. Dr. Siva Kumar,
CEO, NSDI & Head, NRDMS, DST, Govt. of India (INDIA)

Justice Talwant Singh,
District and Sessions Judge, Govt. of Delhi, Delhi (INDIA)

Mr. Sanjay Sharma,
Sr. Project Manager, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Gurgaon (INDIA)

Prof. Dharmendra Kumar,
Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, GJUST, Hisar (INDIA)

Prof. P. K. Kapur,
Dean, Faculty of Mathematical Sciences, University of Delhi, Delhi (INDIA)

Prof. Sufyan Beg,
Dept. of Computer Engineering, Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI), New Delhi (INDIA)

Prof. P. C. Saxena,
School of Computer and Systems Sciences, JNU, New Delhi (INDIA)

Prof. Manohar Lal,
Director, School of Computer and Information Sciences, IGNOU, New Delhi (INDIA)

Mr. Madan Mohan,
Advisor, Planning Commission, Govt. of India, New Delhi (INDIA)

Prof. M. N. Doja,
Head, Dept. of Computer Engineering, Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI), New Delhi (INDIA)

Prof. Khurram Mustafa,
Dept. of Computer Science, Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI), New Delhi (INDIA)

Prof. S. M. K. Quadri,
Director, Post Graduate Dept. of Computer Sciences, Kashmir University, Srinagar (INDIA)

Prof. Vibhakar Mansotra,
Head, Dept. of Computer Science, Jammu University, Jammu (INDIA)

Dr. Rajesh Narang,
Principal Consultant, DIT, MC&IT, Govt. of India, New Delhi (INDIA)

Prof. S. K. Gupta,
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Delhi, New Delhi (INDIA)

Prof. D. P. Goyal,
Dept. of Computer Applications, MDI, Gurgaon (INDIA)

Prof. Salim Beg,
Dept. of Electronics Engineering, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Aligarh (INDIA)

Mr. Ashwani Sharma,
Sr. Evangelist, Microsoft India, Gurgaon (INDIA)

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