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ICSSR Conference on
India Towards Viksit Bharat@2047
(13th-14th September, 2024)
Organized by BVICAM, New Delhi

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Important Dates:
Submission of Full Length paper:
05th August, 2024
Paper Acceptance Notification:
26th August, 2024
Submission of Final Version of Paper:
02nd September, 2024
Registration Deadline (Early Bird):
02nd September, 2024

About the Conference

As India moves closer to its 2047 aim of being a Developed Nation, the "Viksit Bharat" vision is a comprehensive plan, which includes all possible dimensions of sustainable growth like social, cultural, educational, economical, technological, etc. The role of Higher Education Institutions (HEls) in India is pivotal in achieving the "Viksit Bharat" vision, especially acting as incubators of knowledge, innovation, and skilled human capital. The two day ICSSR Conference on 'India Towards Viksit Bharat @ 2047' aims to address all such possible challenges by bringing together key stakeholders from academia, industry, government, and civil society on a common platform to establish a forum for thoughtful discussions, collaborative problem-solving, and strategic planning. Original research papers in multi-disciplinary areas on the following themes, but not limited to, leading to Viksit Bharat, are invited for presentation during the conference and subsequently for publication in UGC- CARE Listed Journals.

Sub Themes

  • Building Sustainable Ecosystem for achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Higher Education Policy Reforms
  • Industry 4.0, Digital Revolution and Technological Innovations
  • AI for Everyday Life
  • Technology Enablement for Providing Urban Opportunities in Rural Areas (PURA)
  • Quality Agriculture and Food Processing System
  • Developing better Health Care Services
  • Citizen-centered e-Governance
  • Indian Cultural Diversity Preservation
  • Important Dates

    Submission of Full Length Paper 05th August, 2024
    Paper Acceptence Notification 26th August, 2024
    Submission of Final Version of Paper 02nd September, 2024
    Registration Deadline (Early Bird) 02nd September, 2024

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