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Dates have been annouced for INDIACom-2022. Accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore subject to meeting IEEE Xploreís scope and quality requirements

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The name of my organization does not appear in the list of organizations given on the membership form, What do I do?

I am a member on the website. Can I change my membership details?

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Do I need to register for the conference, if I am not submitting a paper?

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What would happen if the author due to sudden problems could not attend the conference?

What will happen if the author has already paid the registration/proceeding charges, but could not attend the conference?

My paper has already been accepted and registration charges have been paid, but the paper was not presented. Under these circumstances, what will be the provision of IEEE organization? Will my paper be published in the conference proceedings?

There have been cases when IEEE published accepted papers for which registration charges had been paid, even if the paper was not presented due to unavoidable circumstances. Why is the practice not being followed now?

It is our humble request to kindly publish our paper (that was not presented) in IEEE conference proceedings.

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