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Dates have been annouced for INDIACom-2022.

Local Organizing Commitee

Sh. C.B.Sawant, Director, BVRO, New Delhi (INDIA)
Dr. Ashok Singh, DST, Govt. of India (INDIA)
Sh. R. K. Vyas, ILLL, University of Delhi, Delhi (INDIA)
Sh. R.S. Chauhan, MTNL, New Delhi (INDIA)
Sh. Gaurav Garg, BSNL, New Delhi (INDIA)
Sh. V.K. Gupta, IET, Delhi (INDIA)
Sh. Karun Sharma, SBI, New Delhi (INDIA)
Sh. Safdar Tanweer, ISTE, New Delhi (INDIA)
Sh. Viney Kakkar, IETE, Delhi (INDIA)
Sh. Brahmpal Singh, HCL, Gurgaon (INDIA)
Sh. K.S. Dhull, CSI, Delhi Chapter (INDIA)
Sh. S.D. Sharma, CSI, Delhi Chapter (INDIA)
Sh. M.M. Aggarwal, CSI, Delhi Chapter (INDIA)
Sh. Manoj Sethi, DTU, Delhi (INDIA)
Sh. V.P. Goel, DRDO, Delhi Chapter (INDIA)
Sh. B.B. Rishi, IETE, New Delhi (INDIA)
Col. Balraj Anand, IETE, New Delhi (INDIA)
Dr. Tanvir Abbasi, ISTE, New Delhi (INDIA)
Dr. S.K. Yadav, SJJTU, Rajasthan (INDIA)
Dr. P.C Jha, University of Delhi (INDIA)
Sh. N.Anand Rao, CSI, Delhi Chapter (INDIA)
Sh. Javed Ahmad, ISTE, New Delhi (INDIA)
Dr. Ashutosh Gaur, BVIMR, New Delhi (INDIA)
Sh. Shivendra Goel, BVICAM, New Delhi (INDIA)
Sh. A.K. Mishra, CSI, Delhi Chapter (INDIA)
Sh. Pradeep Aneja, BHEL, Delhi (INDIA)
Sh. Vishnu Gupta, IET, New Delhi (INDIA)
Sh. Nitish Pathak, BVICAM, New Delhi (INDIA)
Ms. Ritika Wason, BVICAM, New Delhi (INDIA)
Sh. J.P. Singh, IETE, New Delhi (INDIA)
Smt. Shashi Moitra, IETE, New Delhi (INDIA)
Maj. I.M. Kapoor, IETE, New Delhi (INDIA)
Dr. V.S. Panwar, IETE, New Delhi (INDIA)
Wg. Cdr. T.R. Bhalla, IETE, New Delhi (INDIA)
Sh. Pramod Patil, BVEC, New Delhi (INDIA)
Sh. Hanip Mulani, BVICAM, New Delhi (INDIA)
Sh. Shashikant Yadav, BVICAM, New Delhi (INDIA)
Sh. Sandesh Madne, BVICAM, New Delhi (INDIA)
Sh. Raghunath Patil, BVICAM, New Delhi (INDIA)
Sh. Subhash, BVICAM, New Delhi (INDIA)
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